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Let’s Reinvent The NDA, For Entrepreneurs.

Do you sign Non Disclosure Agreements(NDAs)? In general, I’m told most funding folks do not. I have signed many but I do so cautiously. There are many opinions on signing and not signing. I tend to view it as a red flag when early stage projects request that I sign an NDA before we’ve met, […]

Software Developers….On A Train

Our upcoming Python On Rails is having a bit of an identity crisis. Is it a peer-based, on-train, mini conference for software developers, that happens to arrive in Montreal at the start of PyCon? Or is it a means of travel exclusively for PyCon attendees? Our previous StartupTrains have proven that our on-train events have their own value, […]

A Train Full of Software Developers

While it can be fun the first few trips, travelling for business and conferences generally sucks. It’s a necessary evil in order to get yourself to an awesome conference like PyCon. We’re hoping to fix that for a small group of people heading to PyCon in Montreal this year. We’ve chartered our own VIA Rail […]

Founders Suck At Grammar

So founders suck at grammar, or at least I do. We host a weekly event in our space that we named Founder’s Club. It’s a peer based group of individuals who are starting something, or about to. Actually a lot of members are in between startups as well. Ultimately our event is group therapy for […]

Roadmaps, Focus Groups, Personas and Other Ugly Crutches

Have you ever created and maintained a Product Roadmap? It’s an excellent tool that allows a team, or the execs, to plot the precise path a software development team is heading. You then simply share the roadmap with the team and they start following the directions that will take them on their way to a […]

Snakes On A Train (almost) Soldout

PyCon is the “largest annual gathering for the community using and developing the open-source Python programming language”. The Montreal community convinced the PyCon conference to step outside of the US for the first time in it’s history. PyCon is being hosted in Montreal Canada in 2014 and 2015. With an unique opportunity like that, we jumped at the chance to extend […]

Come Meet Guelph Technology!?

Tonight is DemoCampGuelph! Please register and join us tonight at 6:30pm at The EBar in downtown Guelph. You do NOT have to demo to attend. You can show up, quietly have a pint and see some folks demo some interesting tech projects. Or if you’re feeling friendly, you can get all real world social and […]

DemoCampGuelph 23

Our 23rd instance of DemoCampGuelph is coming up on Feb 19th. The rumour is that folks who won demo of the night at our last event are now down south in YCombinator, however, The Crowie award was retrieved before they left town. As always, we need your help to make this event awesome! Please spread […]

Human Scale Startups

I recently read Small Giants in which they mention the idea of ‘human scale’ companies. These are not lifestyle or franchise businesses. As defined in the book, “Human scale, that is, a size at which it’s still possible for an individual to be acquainted with everyone else in the organization, still possible for the CEO to meet with […]

Headshot Day (Jan 23rd)

If you’re freelancing, starting a business, or even just looking for a new job, that iphone selfie may not be the best foot forward. Our headshot day is back on Jan 23rd. We’ll have Noelle here again shooting headshots for our ThreeFortyNine members. It takes less than 30 minutes. You’ll receive two final versions that […]