Startup Train Bar Car


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For those who were with us last year, you’ll know about the Glen Fraser car we had on the return trip home. Our plan this year for the trip there, is to have two full first class cars plus the Glen Fraser placed in between those two cars. Everyone will have a seat on one of those two main cars and we’ll use the bar car in the middle for events and to mingle and socialize.

For those who weren’t with us last year, I figured I’d post a photo of the Glen Fraser because, it’s a bar car!!

This lounge car was originally built as coach 5585 in 1954. After having changed hands several times, it was purchased by VIA Rail from BC Rail in 2002. BC Rail converted it into a lounge car and dubbed it “Glenfraser”. The name, however, does not actually appear on the side of the car.”

Tickets sales for July’s Startup Train will start in the coming weeks and we plan on selling out again this year. Make sure you’re on our email list to hear about tickets.