Coworking 2.0 is here

Chris Charles

I'm a software developer. I like to learn things. I run the ThreeFortyNine Beer Club, which is pretty fun. I recently built BeerTime, an Untappd client for the Pebble smartwatch.

ThreeFortyNine is excited to announce that by August 1, 2013 it will become the first fully online coworking space in North America. To commemorate this monumental event its name will be changed to ThreeFortyNineOnline.

Traditional coworking spaces are physical, but we live in the future. For years, people have been chasing the paperless office. That approach is flawed. What we really need is the “office-less office”.

Brydon Gilliss, the visionary behind ThreeFortyNineOnline, says, “Rent is expensive. Internet is cheap. Why not work from our homes with a Google Hangout running?”


Amiga 500

My home office

Beginning immediately, members will have the option of working from home while paying the same, affordable rates to ThreeFortyNine (for the first three months). By August 1, all members will be forcibly migrated to the new plans.

Member Chris Charles loves the new approach. “We often communicate over IRC or Yammer [instead of talking] anyway, even to people in the same room. Why should I have to leave my mom’s basement at all?”

Each paying member will be provided with an Aeropress coffee maker and a branded mini-keg to use at home while signed into the ThreeFortyNine Drink Resource Measurement (DRM) web service. Usage will be monitored.