Matt Sharpe Talks


I work on 20Skaters, ThreeFortyNine, Ontario Startup Train and a few others. My vanity site is

In this series of posts we’re “grilling” the members of our ThreeFortyNine Co-working Space with the hope of discovering who is best able to answer a standardized set of questions. Points for accuracy and un-originality will be assigned. Actually we’re just trying to learn more about them .. the kind of stuff that doesn’t appear in boilerplate bios.

Let’s get going and welcome our first contestant: Matthew Sharpe, Designer

What do you work on while at ThreeFortyNine?

I presently enjoy a full-time position with the talented team at Infinity Quick — developers behind the messaging app Poptalk — where I work as a senior designer. I also operate a freelance web and graphic design firm Daring Boy Interactive here in Guelph, in addition to blogging sports art + design at Designing Sport.

What brought you to ThreeFortyNine?

I used to work out of the house which, while lovely for spending time with my wife and kids, isn’t so hot for productivity. I decided to take my design business to ThreeFortyNine, which has been an incredibly rewarding move.

What excites you most about ThreeFortyNine?

The people and the culture they foster. You’re constantly exposed to individuals across a wide array of disciplines in this space, which is incredibly conducive to: a) learning and, b) engaging in perspectives you wouldn’t normally consider. I’ve had countless design ideas created, vetoed, and shaped by others here.

Combine that with the fact that everyone genuinely wants to help one another and it’s a perfect example of what happens when talent and ambition converge into community.

If you had to cite one benefit to sell others on ThreeFortyNine, what would it be?

Did I mention Beer Club? 😉

After spending all week staring at a screen, I love sitting down in a boardroom with 6-10 others at the end of a Friday and sharing new brews.

Anything else you want to mention?

Yes, check out my design work!

(Sorry, I’m a shameless self-promoter.)

But seriously — ThreeFortyNine’s been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made from a productivity and development standpoint and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to others. 🙂