We Build Software!


I work on 20Skaters, ThreeFortyNine, Ontario Startup Train and a few others. My vanity site is brydon.me.

I’m excited to start talking about a new project in the works. In a previous life I helped run, and grow, a software development services company named BandOfCoders with my good friend Bobby. I was involved for 3+ years and stepped out to get involved in a startup project. Since then I’ve dabbled with custom software development services but have held off on diving into it. I believe my core hesitation was not having local partners with ‘skin in the game’. I believe I’ve solved that particular issue in finding some great people to partner with.


Over time, BandOfCoders has grown a large office in Buenos Aires Argentina, as well as a strong client base and operations in Toronto, Atlanta and more. We’re incorporated in Argentina, have employees and a full time office for well over 4 years. That won’t compete directly with off-shoring but does allows us to near-shore projects and teams.

What we’ve learned over years of building software for people is that local still matters. With that in mind, myself and a few local partners are working on opening the doors on a new locally owned and operated instance of BandOfCoders(BOC). We will leverage that global power and experience of BOC while leading projects and teams with our local team.

It’s very early in the process but I wanted to post at least a blog post to share what we’re working on. Certainly if you have a software development project anywhere between London, Hamilton, KW, and Toronto, let me know asap? I’m happy to discuss and see if we can get involved.

The team we’re growing is comprised of experienced software developers. What that means is that we aren’t simply creating websites, we’ll be building software applications on the web, focused on full software projects from the database out.

PS…I’m not suggesting building websites is trivial, just that it’s not our focus…