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Our upcoming Python On Rails is having a bit of an identity crisis.

Is it a peer-based, on-train, mini conference for software developers, that happens to arrive in Montreal at the start of PyCon? Or is it a means of travel exclusively for PyCon attendees?

On The StartupTrain 2013

On The StartupTrain 2013

Our previous StartupTrains have proven that our on-train events have their own value, their own identity. We always have people on board who literally fly home the same evening we arrive in Montreal. They’re on the train just to attend our on train events.

For our Python On Rails train, we’ve already sold tickets to people NOT attending PyCon. We’ve also sold tickets to people who are travelling from Montreal, just to turn around and take the train back home with us.

Why would someone want to come on this trip and not attend PyCon?

  • You already know some other passengers taking the train and based on that, you know this train is going to be a blast.
  • You’re one of the folks we’ve talked to who intend to spend a few nights exploring Montreal’s brewpub scene. Yes you’re also involved in software so the train is just an awesome way to get to Montreal.
  • You’re looking for one of those unicorns they call a technical cofounder for your new startup. The chance to be locked on a train with awesome software folks is too good to pass up.

We’re in the heart of planning out our on-train events for this trip. There’s talk of xboxes and DemoCamp/Ignite style talks so we can learn what projects we’re working on while getting to know each other.

Get your ticket here, did I mention we have our own bar car??