Get Your Demo On…In Guelph


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One week from today is our 24th┬árendering of DemoCampGuelph. It’s cool that this event is old enough to drink but we’re creeping up on 30 now. I’m not sure how I feel about that. If you haven’t been, here are a few key points about the event….

534872012_e8ccac2459_zFree to Attend

It’s free and you do NOT have to demo to attend. Ultimately this is a chance for all of us in the Guelph, and surrounding, tech scene to get together, meet, share a pint and maybe even work together.


Having said that, you really should apply to demo! You do not have to demo something that you built, it can simply be something that you think the crowd needs to know about.

Stay for music…

Live music is a big part of Guelph. We do our best to have a local musician play some live music after we wrap up. If you have some friends who are not in tech, have them stop by just for the tunes! We’re very luck to have Nathan Coles playing for us next week.