We Need Your Startup Founder Questions?


I work on 20Skaters, ThreeFortyNine, Ontario Startup Train and a few others. My vanity site is brydon.me.

For better or worse, we’re doing this Founder Interview deal tonight at DemoCampGuelph. The event starts at 6:30pm in downtown Guelph at The Ebar. We’ll have three startup founders who are at various stages of startup’iness. What do you want to ask them??

3330166423_c8ee8ee1e1_mPost your questions to the twitterz today and we’ll do our best to work them in. Just click this link, then add your question after the “my founder question @demoCampGuelph…” part. We’ll watch and gather them today and do our best to incorporate them this evening.

Some examples to prime the pump…

“All-in? When do you stop working on other side projects, quit your 9-5, invest 100% into your startup?

when is it over? and how difficult is it to: a) be objective in that assessment and, b) deal with the aftermath from a personal standpoint?

Knowing what you know now, what would you have done differently? What could you have done to have known this beforehand?