Why Are You On The Startup Train?


I work on 20Skaters, ThreeFortyNine, Ontario Startup Train and a few others. My vanity site is brydon.me.

We tried something new for last year’s Startup Train aimed at helping our passenger’s avoid the boondoggles. When you attend startup conferences, you can’t simply show up and send a report to your boss after. Unfortunately you’re on your own now and you need to decide what you’re hunting for and go find it!

To that end, we asked our Startup Train passengers to decide what their one metric of success was for coming on Startup Train. Then record and share it with the world. The goal being that by the time you board the train, we all know what you’re after and we can help you achieve it.

To add some fuel to the fire, submitting a video also entered our passengers into a draw for $1500 in travel vouchers from our sponsor VIA Rail. As well, this year our friend’s at Vimeo will be giving away a pro account worth $199 to their favourite video.

You can see some of our video’s from last year here. As this year’s passengers record their videos, we’ll share them on twitter with you.

We’re well over halfway soldout for this year’s train and expect to sellout for the 3rd year so make sure to get your ticket shortly if you’re joining us!