Free Tickets on Ontario @StartupTrain!


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Thanks to our sponsor Shopify, we’re giving away….

Two free startup tickets on this July’s Startup Train.

These tickets include your first class travel on the Startup Train to Montreal and full access to the International Startup Festival. You will only need a place to stay and a way home after the conference.shopify

We’re giving these tickets away using Twitter. To enter, simply post to twitter what value you would get out of the Startup Train, between now and June 23rd at 5pm. Be sure to include “@startupTrain” in your update or simply finish the twitter update “I’m on @startupTrain to

PS…This year’s train is almost soldout, and could sellout this week before this contest ends. If you can afford a ticket and want to be on the train, you may not wait until next week.

Fine Print

  • These tickets are intended for ‘starving startups’, who otherwise couldn’t afford the trip. If you’ve already purchased a ticket on the train, or to startup festival, then you’re ineligible.
  • The winners will be selected at random from all entries.
  • Contest closes Monday June 23rd at 5pm.
  • To qualify, you must post a meaningful answer for why you should attend. The response must be posted to twitter and include “@startuptrain” in the post.