Startup Train Wins $100K!


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Long time no speak. We took the fall off but now that the NHL is back we figured it’s time to get back to it. I have a great story to share about this summer’s soldout Startup Train. End of day, it sums up what our train is attempting to do.

Last summer, in speaking to the folks at Shopify about sponsoring the train they mentioned that they’d like to sponsor some tickets for startups to attend. They purchased two tickets on our train which we gave away to two local startups.

One of those startups decided to pitch at the conference. By the time the dust settled and the conference was handing out their prizes, Susie Pan from Blynk had walked away with their top prize of $100K towards her startup. Talk about ROI!!

So, no the Startup Train didn’t exactly win $100K but it kinda sorta feels like we did. Honorable mention to another Startup Train company Redtree Robotics who won the FounderFuel Fall 2014 Cohort award.