A Startup Bubble…on a train?


I work on 20Skaters, ThreeFortyNine, Ontario Startup Train and a few others. My vanity site is brydon.me.

One aspect of the Ontario Startup Train which we don’t talk about online often is that we have our own bar car! Yes, it’s a train car that’s a bar. Your trip on Startup Train includes first class service, so you start in your seat where you’re served a cocktail, then a hot meal along with wine.

After we complete meal service, we move to our bar car where we begin our one on one mentoring. This is your chance to sit one on one with industry mentors. We’re still completing our list of mentors for this year but previous year’s mentors include awesome fCanada-skyline-domeolks such as April Dunford, Mike Kirkup, and Jim Estill. Once we open the bar car and break into these sessions, we have lot’s of room for you to move around our train cars, meet others. You can socialize or pull people into a section of seats for more one on one talks.

There’s a slight change in this year’s travel. We do NOT have our bar car…..

That’s the ‘bad news’ The good news is that we’re replacing our usual bar car with the Skyline car. Yes, we’ll have that train with the bubble on top. The Startup Train just up’d it’s swank level!

Note: We do not have enough spots for everyone on the train to get time one on one with a mentor. We offer those spots based on when you purchase your ticket. If you value mentoring time, don’t wait to buy your ticket.