Downtown Guelph Office for 5+ Available


I work on 20Skaters, ThreeFortyNine, Ontario Startup Train and a few others. My vanity site is

If you’re running a business in Guelph and need downtown office space for five to fifteen people, I have a unique opportunity for you. The short story is that after running our coworking space for ten years, I’m personally moving on from operating ThreeFortyNine. That’s where you step in.

This is an opportunity to take over the entire coworking operations and move your team into a fully furnished and functioning standalone office in downtown Guelph already outfitted with great internet, desks, a boardroom, kitchen, parking and more. This will be your office, your lease, your new home for your growing business.

Why and where does a coworking operation fit into this?

You will have full control over your own office space immediately. You can move your team in today, while keeping the existing coworkers in the building with you. Those coworkers contribute revenue to help cover the costs of your office space, but they are also a community. They bring ideas, relationships, and are an ongoing conduit into the wider business community. They integrate and connect your team into the local business community, they’re potential partners, freelancers and more.

The coworking portion also allows your office space to flex along with your business needs. If your team grows quickly and you need more space, you have it. If, for some reason, you need less space for a season then you can welcome in some new coworkers.

If you’re looking for a great downtown office space, let’s schedule a call and I can answer any questions you have to clarify all the details.