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I work at Boltmade and 20Skaters. I mostly write Ruby, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I hate timezones. Find me on Twitter: @eroberts

Red, Green, Refactor

Ever since DHH’s keynote at Railsconf 2014 and his subsequent blog post TDD is dead. Long live testing., the development world (or at least the Ruby community) has been abuzz with thoughts on Test Driven Development (TDD). Uncle Bob, as well as a number of other influential members of the community, have jumped in to give […]

Bug Free Software

Recently the company I work at, Boltmade, was undergoing a rebranding. Naturally we looked at the websites of other software development companies to see what they were saying about themselves. To me, one site stood out. 8th Light says in their company principles that, “we take responsibility for the correctness of our code by testing […]

This Ideas Thing is Hard

You never forget your first time. It’s exciting but awkward. You hope it’s going to go really well but it doesn’t take as long as you thought it would. You’re left wondering if that’s what all the fuss was about and if it gets better. At least, that’s how my first idea extraction call went; […]

How Coworking Ruined Me

A little over a year ago, I was happy. I had a decent job, I had a good group of friends, and I had hobbies and interests outside of work. I did, however, work from home, and it was boring. Sure, I talked to people via IM or phone conversations throughout the course of the […]