Way back in 2007 I hosted DemoCampGuelph1 at The Albion. My friend David Crow had recently invited me to an event he hosted in Toronto named DemoCamp. I felt that the Guelph community, especially the more technical folks, needed a place to gather, meet, and share what we’re working on. So, after getting David’s blessing, DemoCampGuelph was born!

Fast forward 10+ years and DemoCampGuelph is alive and well. We host three or four of these events each year at The eBar downtown. We aim for these events to be a gathering point for our community and an opportunity for positive collisions. While our demos are often technical, you do NOT need to be working in tech or software to attend and get value out of our events. Please stop in and try one out, share and invite others and help us continue to grow and connect the Guelph community together!

Make sure to join our Meetup group so you’re aware of upcoming events!

Some of our past speakers include: