Public Coworking Days

A few days each month, we’re going to open up our boardroom to allow people to come in and work for the day. This is only available on days that we explicitly announce that we’re hosting a public coworking day. Please do NOT just drop-in uninvited as we’re using our boardroom for it’s original purpose on all those other days.

Our $30 $20 Drop In Coworking includes:

  • A spot to work around the communal table in our boardroom.
  • Use of wifi.
  • Coffee and tea.
  • Use of the kitchen area.
  • Hours are from 9am until 5pm.
  • Parking not included.

Upcoming Dates:

If you are interested, we do need to know ahead of time as spots are limited. Please email Brydon directly specifying the date you’d like to join us. Coworking costs $30 $20 and you can pay us on the day of. Did we mention that includes coffee!?

  • Wed Dec 5th (Spots available)
  • Wed Dec 12th (Spots available)

Book your spot