The recent rise of telecommuting and the success of solo, and small team, entrepreneurs has removed the need for a formal office for some of us. We amplified the good parts while leaving the annoying office bits behind. You’ve worked hard to establish your business, or telecommuting arrangement, but that doesn’t mean you have to work alone.

ThreeFortyNine is a shared office located at 349 Woolwich Street in Guelph, Ontario. We’re independents who support and collaborate together to make our projects and companies kick ass. Our space, and the events we host here, are co-created by our members. We’re an unconference combined with a coworking space.

ThreeFortyNine is home of the local BandOfCoders crew. If you’re interested, contact me directly or phone 519.489.0116, Brydon.

Will coworking accelerate your business?

Coworking Desks Accelerate Business

  • CoWorking

    Will #CoWorking accelerate your business? – Cool infographic!

  • A. J. Kelley

    One of the best infographics I’ve seen.

  • Vera Gavizon

    Nice Infographics. Goes perfectly well with the article that we are just writing on Best places to work for freelancers. Will definitely share your posting.

    • Brydon

      thanks! If you use it, please make sure to reference us and Kap Design!

    • Brydon

      Curious if you posted that article, would love to read it.

  • albi

    is this infographics copyleft? I would like to translate in italian.

    • Brydon

      We don’t have a formal copyleft in place. Please go ahead and translate it if you’re willing to leave attribution to 349 and Kap Design in place?

      • Albi from Italy, lab121

        Of Course that I will attribute that this coming from 349 and Kap Design! thank you!

      • Alberto

        hy Brydon,
        is it possible to have the original file (adobe illustrator)? So it could be easier to manage (putting the italian phrase on it).