Founders’ Club

189777_208105529205887_201449226538184_897473_511016_nWe’re a small intimate group of current, aspiring and in-between-project entrepreneurs. Some of us have yet to launch our first business, others are on their second and third. We’re humble enough to know what we don’t know. We know we’re making it up most days. We’re all committed to each other improving daily. We meet every Wednesday night. You don’t need to attend every week but you should plan to attend one or two meetings each month.

Founders’ Club is a paid 6 month commitment, we’re all in this for the long haul. If you’re interested in Founders Club, your first step is to sit in on a meeting. Contact Brydon to coordinate. Check out our blog for more Founders’ Club stories.

All Founders’ Club members receive the following:

  • Six month membership.
  • Access to all of our events.
  • Access to our shared online space to engage and collaborate with our members 24/7.
  • Cowork with our residents for 1 day each month.