Mentor Hot Seat – Michael Litt

In this series of posts we’re “grilling” the mentors of the Startupify program with the hope of discovering who is best able to answer a standardized set of questions. Points for accuracy and un-originality will be assigned. Actually we’re just trying to learn more about them .. the kind of stuff that doesn’t appear in boilerplate bios.

Let’s get going and welcome our fifth contestant: Michael Littlitt

What qualifies you to be a Startupify mentor?

I’m assuming it has something to do with starting Vidyard as well as Brydon qualifying me by asking me to fill out this form.

I don’t have any formal mentor training – I like talking to startups though.

What hurdles/failures/lessons have you encountered along your professional journey that early stage entrepreneurs could learn from?


Make sure your founding team is onboard with your chosen operational location.

Don’t hire too soon.

Stop thinking about raising money.

What excites you most about the Startupify program?

I’d love to see some awesome companies (not startups, not ideas) form with my assistance.

What characteristics have you seen in the startups you’ve mentored in the past that you feel are indicators for success?

Bootstrappers, people focused on B2B with sales orientation and a technical background.

I’m a fan of executors over idea people.

BONUS: Which Startupify mentor are you most excited to collaborate with and why?

Brett Shellhammer. He was our first mentor and first adult believer.

I <3 Brett.